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About Us

Owned and operated by Stacie Lemieux!

I have always had a special connection with animals since I was a child.  I have had the privilege to have several types of pets though out the years, from parakeets, turtles, tadpoles/frogs, dogs, cats, hamsters and rabbits, to mice, rats and even pot bellied pigs!  I have always thought having a pet brought happiness & peacefulness to ones' life.

I had personal pets as a teen and once I enrolled in El Camino Community College, my mom decided to enroll our family as a Puppy-Raiser for Guide Dogs of America.  As puppy-raisers, we were required to house and love a puppy from 10 weeks until it was 15 months old.  During that time, it was our responsibility for providing basic obedience, socialization and exposure to every day environments. Knowing this, I took our puppy to my college classes.  Having a canine companion at my daily classes had such a calming effect on my mind.  I knew then, I had to have dogs in my life.

After college, I took a job in the apartment industry.  I quickly became aware pet owners were considered pariahs in the eyes of the apartment owners.  My focus was to not only find housing for pet families, but to provide a “Pets Preferred” apartment community.  I wanted to provide housing that catered to pet parents and their pets needs, with special programs for pet parents.  It was a hit and it made me want to do more. 

After the 2008 market crash, the apartment industry became very unstable. Shortly after, I decided to make a career change. I enrolled in Animal Behavior College and graduated as a Certified Dog Trainer in 2011. While pursuing my certification I also took a job with Pet Smart as a pet training instructor. Working for Pet Smart for 2.5 years allowed me to not only learn the industry, but it also gave me the opportunity to work with every age dog and many different breeds and sizes. I was in LOVE! But the rigid Pet Smart curriculum limited my ability to customize training to the clients needs.

In 2013, I went out on my own and started Manners Please Canine Training and Pet Services. I also became an evaluator for the American Kennel Club (AKC) and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). Having my own business has afforded me the opportunity to provide a variety of services and customized training, as well as group/structured class instruction. They say if you choose a career that you are passionate about, you will never work a day in your life. I have found my passion, I love my career and I never feel like I'm working!

I live in the South Bay and I have three beautiful girls (four legged ones). Gracie Mae (10 years) is a Rottie Mix. Lindsey (8 years) is a Yorkie Mix. Bean (2 years) is a Pomeranian/Yorkie Mix. Lindsey likes to help me with training. She often comes along on private training sessions and assists with group classes on occasion.