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Private Training, Sitting and Walking Services

Here are a few services offered at this time...

Price List of Services



Private Training

     - 1 hour session


     - 4 sessions, 1 hour session


     - 6 sessions, 1 hour session $810.00
     -10 sessions, 1 hour session $1,250.00

Pet Sitting OR Boarding

     - Pet Sitting In Your Home

$95 per night

     - Pet Boarding At My Home

$65 per night

     Optional Add-ons

     - Pick up/drop off service

$30 per trip

     - Stay & Train

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     - Holiday Fee
(observed on New Year's Eve and Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Festivus, and Christmas Eve and Day)

Dog Walking

     - Pit Stop Walking


     - Sniff The Fresh Air


     - Outdoor Energy Burner


Pet Sitting In Your Home                                                          $95.00 per night

Caring for your pet in it's own environment is beneficial in many ways.  Some pets find being away from their pet parents too stressful.  Keeping your pet in their own home allows them to stay on their own walking, feeding and sleeping schedule.

What is included with this service: 

·        I will come to your home prior to your departure and complete a walk through of your home, meet your pet(s), learn their likes and dislikes and schedules. 

·        I will spend the night with your pet (a minimum of 8 hours)

·        1 walk in the morning, 1 walk midday, 1 walk evening

·        During the day, your pet will be alone no more than 4 hours at a time

·        Provide love, playtime and cuddle time

·        Open and close blinds, shutters and shades

·        Collect mail and newspapers daily

·        Check in with you with photos and updates every day or  as requested.

·        Any other tasks you may need.....Just ask!


Pet Sitting At My Home                                                            $65.00 per night

What can be more fun than a sleepover!  Your dog will enjoy my pet friendly home with toys and playmates ready for fun!  Never a lonely moment at my home.  Your dog's routine will still be maintained while staying with me.  Your pet will return home to you happy and very tired.

What is included with this service:

·        Daily walks with the pack (45 to 60 minutes)

·        Location adventures (trips to the strand, various parks and trails)

·        Backyard playtime with balls, tunnels, and agility equipment

·        Cuddle time in bed and on the couch (if permitted by pet parent)

·        During the day your pet will not be left alone for more than 4 hours

·        Your pet will sleep with me (minimum  of 8 hours), on a bed or in his crate if you prefer

·        Any other special requests?  Just ask!

*Please note, a meet and greet with my pets will be required no later than 1 week prior to the first day of stay.  Vaccinations including Bordetella and Rabies must be current (documentation will be required).

*Additional Service Add Ons:

·        Pick up/drop off service                                                $15.00 each trip

·        Stay and Train                                                              $50.00 Per Day           



Pit Stop Walk                                                                            $15.00

Long work day?  Need your dog to have a “break” during the day?  My walking service can bring comfort to your dog and peace of mind to you.  This service will allow your dog to have a 15 minute potty break in the middle of the day.


Sniff the Fresh Air                                                                     $25.00

Need a little more time outdoors?  This walk will give your dog the break he/she needs AND get some exercise too.  A 30 minute walk will give your dog a potty break and then extra time to enjoy the outdoor air and sunshine.


Outdoor Energy Burner                                                             $35.00

Does your dog need to burn off some energy?  Did you know boredom and lack of exercise are the top reasons for digging, barking and other naughty behaviors in your dog?  This 60 minute energy burning walk will help keep your dog in shape and too tired to do destructive and naughty behaviors.

***PLEASE NOTE: All paid services above are non-refundable. Unused trainings sessions are redeemable 1 year from original purchase date***